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Products Home > Products > Telephone over Fiber MUX (high-quality ) > 16FXO/FXS+4E1+4ETH(VLAN) To Fiber Converter
16Phone + 4E1(120Ω) +4 ETH(100M, VLAN) Over Fiber Optic


The classical models recommended:



Integrated PDH & PCM MUX. SPC10A-OPT16 is designed for telephone & Ethernet&E1 multiplexer, supports 16 channel telephone and 4Ethernet and 4E1.
It can be mainly used for transform of optical/E1 interface to data group and phone interface .
¡ôTwo kinds of mode compatible
TYPE A: Fiber Optic PCM Mux Mode
              16 FXO/FXS + 4E1 +4ETH(100M VLAN) over Fiber optic
TYPE B: PCM Mux Mode
               16 FXO/FXS /MAG/2100HZ over E1
¡ôCaller id function (CLI); Polarity reversal; Telephone billing, magneto telephone,2100hz magneto telephone
¡ôFreely switched between E1 and fiber optic interface by dip switch
¡ôsingle/dual fiber, single /multi mode, short-distance/long- distance mode.
¡ôFiber optic interface supports 1+1 protection mode (in which one is backup) which is also compatible with single Fiber interface
¡ôEthernet network management interface supports 
¡ôDifferent card Can free combination.
¡ôYears of technology accumulation, super device reliability and low maintain cost.
Technical parameters
Optical interface :
Fiber rate      : 155Mb/s±50ppm
Wavelength  : 1310nm/1550nm
Distance       : Max 120 km
Optical module:LC
*Type  A :
Telephone   16
E1 interface   4
Ethernet interface  4(VLAN)
*Type  B :
Telephone   16
E1 interface:
Coding HDB3
Bite rate:2048bps±50ppm
Impedance : 120Ω(banlance)
Fast Ethernet:
4 Ethernet interface shared 100Mbps.
Support VLAN. Fully comply with IEEE 802.1Q
DC -48v£¨-36v¡«-72v£©
AC220V ( 165 ~ 265V)
DC -48v£¨-36v¡«-72v£©+ AC 220V( 165 ¡« 265V)
Chassis structure£º
482mm×45mm(1U)×272mm (width×height×depth) 


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